Tino Dyox. Illustrator, graphic designer, graffiti artist, freelance.

Born in 1986 in the inner Spain, Dyox soon moves to the Valencian coast looking for new challenges. He graduated in Fine Arts at the Polythecnic University of Valencia, specialized in drawing and design. Subsequently he increases his academic knowledge in Ghent (Belgium), and during his presence over there, he works as graphic designer at Nacho Carbonell’s studio, in Eindhoven (Netherlands).

With more than 10 years of experience, the dreamlike and surrealistic approach on his work has became in a path to walk for the artist. The line between his fine art and sci-fi comic style work is equally blurry and fascinating. Dyox is a multi-faceted artist, and his work is a direct demonstration of the influences he surround with, both quotidian and products of his never-ending imagination.

The artworks of Dyox had been exhibited in local Valencia and Barcelona galleries as well as many events in Europe, but you can find his pieces of urban art  on many random streets. He has lectured and conducted workshops in several artschools including IDEP in Barcelona.

Hasbro, Umbro, Promokore and Oblack label had been some of the trademarks for who has executed projects this voracious artist.


Contact: hello@dyox.es