3GC 10 years

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3GC 10 years


Hello buddies,

It has been a while since my last publication on this blog, due to the lots of work I’ve had to face lately. I’m now back here, and I restart the publishing on this blog with an special new: Last weekend (21th-22th march) I’ve been in Bordeaux to celebrate with my crew mates the 10 anniversary of the 3GC crew.

The meeting was based in making a huge wall in Bordeaux, with dinner-party with the crew mates afterwards. The wall is composed by the pieces of 17 writers, and is more than 50 meters long by 7 meters high. The theme of the wall was “Micro Cosmos”, and the ambiance of the painting should be like a little piece of woods, with little animals and insects and bigger elements like a shoe or a beer can, to give the wall a bigger effect of this little world close to the ground.

On the pics you can see process parts, as well as my piece finished, alongside other mates pieces. I based my idea on making a fly, but treating the painting with my style, taking it to my “mutant” field. The sensation I want to transmit with the fly is a duality agressive-kind, and the spraypaint permits me play well with the effects and textures to create this duality. I added  another character next to it, a cockroach with a lighted match, to increase the scene effect. Also added a little shiny snail, to give the composition a meaning, and also a good point of light.

Hope you like it.

Hope you like it.

Long life 3GC.




3gc 10 muro 5


3gc 10 muro 14

3gc 10 muro 16